Saturday, May 30, 2009

Keeping Your Pets Cool In Summer

Keeping your pets cool in summer is really important. Make sure your pets have plenty of water and ice cubes(whether they are inside or out). If your pet is outside, have a dog house for them to stay out of the sunshine and into cooler shade. Let them inside when the heat index is high to keep them cool. Try to keep your pets coat short, but you want to make sure your dog can have their fur coat shaved. Certain types of dogs need to keep their fur coat on because they get sun burns easily. If you are not careful, your dog can become overheated, have heat stroke, suffer from brain damage, or even die. Never keep your pet in your car, even if they are in the shade unless your air conditioner is on and pointed towards your pet.

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  1. You're so right about all of these. So often pets unfortunately succumb to heat when they are left in cars without ventilation in summer. Thanks for this educative post and very informative blog :)