Reporting Animal Cruelty

What to See in Animal Cruelty and How to Report it

Things to see in animal cruelty:
  • Untreated wounds
  • Seeing tangles in the fur
  • Animal being left outside without food or water
  • Extremely thin looking animals
  • Seeing animals getting beat
  • Seeing an animal limp
  • Not bathing the pet for long periods of time
  • Locking the pet in a cage that is way too small for them
  • Not exercising the pets
  • Flea and Tick infestation
  • Forced Animal Fights
  • Animals crying for long periods of time without anyone seeing about them
  • Letting the pet to lay in urine and feces
Report Cruelty: The information below is from the ASPCA
New York City:
Call: (212) 876-7700, ext. 4450

New Jersey
Call:(800) 582-5979
or fill out form online here

"Outside New York City: You will need to find out the name of the persons in your area who are responsible for investigating and enforcing the anti-cruelty codes in your town, county and/or state. These people typically work for your local humane organization, animal control agency, taxpayer-funded animal shelter or police precinct."

"If you run into trouble finding the correct agency to contact, you may wish to call or visit your local police department and ask for their help in enforcing the law. Similarly, you can ask at your local shelter or animal control agency for help. To find contact information for your local shelter, check the yellow pages or visit the ASPCA's searchable database of nearly 5,000 community SPCAs, humane societies and animal control organizations."