Saturday, January 10, 2009


Grooming: Easy to Groom. You need to clean the wrinkles on the face daily to prevent infection.

Family: Great for active families, but not with very small children.

Possible Health Issues: Boxers are prone to cancer.

They are very easy to train and can be trained for just about any thing.

Boxers are powerfully built. They got their name from the way the stand up on their hind legs and literally box you. They are full of energy. Boxers need a big yard and a high fence because some of them will try to jump over fences. Make sure you protect them in cold weather.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bishon Frise

: Bishon Frise's hair never stops growing. They need to be groomed every 6 to 8 weeks. They need a daily brushing.

: Bison Frise's were bred between a Poodle and a Barbet.

: Kidney Stones, Thrombocytopenia(Very Few Blood Platelets in Blood)

Training: Easy to Train

Family: Great pet with childen

Life span: up to 20 years

Bishon Frise's love attention. They are Hypo-allergenic.

Sphynx Cat

Grooming: The Sphynx cat need a bath regularly- At least once a week-

Possible Health Issues: Feline Fatty Liver Syndrome

Family: Great Family Pet.

Sphynx Cats love attention. They may not have any fur other than some fuzz on their skin, but their body temperature is 4 degrees higher than other cats. Make sure you watch their weight because they have high metabolism.