Friday, May 29, 2009


Dalmation Puppies

                                                                                             Adult Dalmation
Dog Group: Scenthound and pointer

Family: Agressive toward certain types of dogs and too entergetic for small children

Weight: Male:40 to 60 LBS
              Female:40 to 60 LBS

Health: Prone to Deafness and Urolithiasis(Kidney stone in the urinary tract)

Classification of Dalmation Kennal Clubs:
AKC: Non-Sporting Group Ranked No. 80
CKC: Gun Dog Group
UKC: Companion Breeds
FCI: Group 6 Section 3 (Scenthounds)
ANKC: Group 7 (Non-Sporting)
NZKC: Non-Sporting

Grooming: Very Low amount of Grooming
Life Span: 12 to 14 Years

Extra Information: Dalmations are born pure white and they get their spots later. They are not the best dog for small children and need plenty of walks. They have a tendancy to chew things on the floor or to steal your food off the counter.

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