Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nail Clipping

Why is it important to clip your pets nails?

If you wouldn't clip your pets nails, the nail could literally grow into the pet's paw causing infections, constant bleeding, irritation of the paw, and many serious health issues.

What do you use to clip your pets nails?

To clip a pets nails, you must use nail clippers that are specifically for pets. You CANNOT use human nail clippers. Make sure you don't clip where the vein is-otherwise, the pet will bleed. If the pet bleeds, immediately put some baking soda to stop the bleeding.

How do you cl
ip your pets nails?

Picture source: Planet-Pets

How often do you need to clip your pets nails?
You should trim your pets nails often. When you start see your pets nails are long immediately clip their nails.

When should I start clipping my pets nails?

You should start clipping your pets nails when they are under a year old. Doing this will allow the pet to get used to getting their pets nails trimmed and also make it easier in the future.

Tips: Trimming a pets nails in higher places will allow you to trim the nails without fighting with them. Most pets are are afraid of heights, so this will cause them not to want to fight because they don't want to fall. MAKE SURE YOU ARE CALM because they can pick up how you are feeling and they will automatically feel the same way you are feeling.

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