Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saint Bernard

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Life Span: About 7 to 9 years

Group: Working Group(AKC)
Guardian Dog(UKC)

Grooming: Saint Bernards need to be bathed monthly. When the fur is short use a hound glove or a curry brush. For a long coat: brush twice week or as needed.

Females: 120 to 140 pounds
Males: 140 to 180 pounds

Personality: Saint bernard's are usually gentle, intelligent, dignified, and protective of the family.

Moderate to high

Are saint bernards good with children? Yes, if socialized with children while pups.

Are Saint Bernard's good with pets?

Yes, if socialized with other pets.

More Information: If you don't like drool than this type of dog isn't for you. Saint Bernard's drool alot. They grow up to be pretty big, so watch other small pets and children with this pooch. Saint bernard's were bred to guard, pull carts, be a companion, and also snow rescue.

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