Sunday, February 28, 2010

Doberman Pinscher

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Life Span: About 8 to 10 years

Selection of colors of the fur: black, red, blue, or fawn with rust color on the muzzle, chest, throat, legs, feet, and below the tail.

Coat: Shorthair, smooth, and sleek. Doberman Pinschers have very little shedding, but twice a year is a heavier hair loss.

Grooming: Doberman Pinschers need a bath every other week or as needed. They need their nails trimmed and their ears clean once a week.

Weight: Male: 80 to 95 pounds
Females: 65 to 76 pounds

Personality: Doberman Pinschers are a highly intelligent, alert, fearless, energetic, obedient, and loyal companion.

Trainability: High

Activity Level: Doberman Pinschers have a high activity level, so they need a three times day long walk so they stay out of trouble.

Known Health Problems: bleeding disorders, hip dysplasia, wobbler's syndrome(a disorder that causes dogs to wobble)

Are Doberman Pinschers good with children? If they have been trained well and were socialized with children.

Are Doberman Pinschers good with other pets? If they are socialized as pups, and continue being socialized with other pets than they are usually good with other pets. But do not have two of the same sex Doberman Pinschers to be together. This may cause a dog fight.

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  1. The bleeding disorder is Von Willebrands, and can be tested for. The test should certainly be done if you consider breeding your dog/bitch. They can also be screened for DCM, a heart condition, but this cannot be done until the dog is older, still, worth bearing in mind.

    The only thing I'd really query was 'bath once a week'?? Mine get bathed maybe once a year.... they are such a short coated breed that a quick wipe over if muddy will suffice - and too much bathing can cause the skin to get very dry - so I really wouldn't recommend it.

    On the same sex subject - age is as important as sex. Yes, sex matters in fights.. but if you keep the age gap to around 2 years, you can easily have same sex dogs - particularly if you only have the one gender. Problems are more likely to occur if you have dogs and bitches. And that goes for any breed - it's not dobe specific.