Thursday, July 30, 2009

How Much is TOO Much?

Isn't it ridiculous when people keep on buying pets non-stop without thinking? Or even breeding animals constantly without spaying or neutering them? I bet that the people never think of how they are going to take care of them(walking, playing, equal amount of attention, feeding, etc.) or even how they are going to get all of their pets out of the house when there is an emergency without anyone getting hurt. Some people will breed the animal to death literally just to earn extra cash. Causing more hopeless animals be put put into a shelter because their owner can't afford to take care of them. Some of the animals may be put to sleep because they need to make more room for other animals. Everyone need to learn that everything costs money.

You shouldn't adopt a pet if:

(1.) You don't have a job.
(2.) You don't have a home.
(3.) You are not home that often.
(4.) You can't afford they supplies they need for the pet.
(5.) You aren't responsible.
(6.) You have other pets in your home that don't get along with others.
(7.) You don't have the patience.
(8.) The apartment/house doesn't accept pets
(9.)You can't afford vet bills.
(10.)You are buying the pet to make money.

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