Friday, June 17, 2011

Swedish Vallhund

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Original Usage: Farm dog, cattle and sheep herder.

Group: Herding(Both AKC and UKC)

Life Span: About 12 to 15 years

Fur color selection: Sable pattern in colors ranging from grey to red, with darker shades on the back, neck, and sides and has light harness markings.

Grooming: Swedish Vallhund's need to be brushed twice a week. Clip their their nails monthly. Brush their teeth daily to prevent plaque. Clean ears and eyes weekly.

Weight: Female: 30 to 32 pounds
               Male: 33 to 35 pounds

Personality: Swedish Vallhund's are alert to any sound or activity and are eager to please.

Trainabilty: Hard. To make the training process a little easier, use clicker training and treat as their reward to listening to you.

Activity Level: Swedish Vallhund's are very energetic. They need plenty of exercise.

Known Health Problems: Retinopathy and hip dysplasia.

Are Swedish Vallhund's good with children? Yes especially with older children when they are trained.

Are Swedish Vallhund's good with other pet? Yes. If trained and socialized with them.

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