Sunday, March 6, 2011

Choosing The Perfect Rabbit for You

Are you thinking of purchasing a rabbit? Do you know anything about them?

 Rabbits are very easy to care for, but first you have to choose the best rabbit. You never want to adopt a rabbit that appears to be bald, has cloudy eyes, or has discharge on the nose. When you see these characteristics, you know that there must be something wrong. They could be the start stages of myxomatosis or "snuffles." It is also a sign that the rabbit was in a unclean environment. Having a clean environment for your rabbit is the key to a healthy pet.

You must know whether you want a rabbit that has long or short fur. You need to brush the rabbit who has longer hair. There several sizes, colors, and patterns of the rabbits to choose from.

The smallest are the Dwarf breeds. Next comes medium and then large breeds. The smaller the rabbit, the easier to take care for. You can purchase rabbits from pet stores where cats and dogs are found.

Good Luck! :)

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