Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pet of the Day: In Need Of Adoption: PeekABoo the Keeshond Mix

Peekaboo: Keeshond, Dog; Urbana, IL

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Peekaboo?!?! Yup, that's me. That's cause I "peek" out from whatever I can find to hide under, and if anyone says anything I think its "boo" and I run back and hide again. People are so incredibly BIG! Geez, you just gotta see it from my perspective down here on the floor. When I look up all I see is this HUGE long set of legs. WOW! But I'm learning. Foster mom is giving me treats whenever I come up to her and I really, really like that game!
Nanna told me she is what people call a "designer dog." Seems like maybe that's what I am too? Not real sure cause I'm lots smaller than Nanna. I come from the same place as Nanna (so read her story if you want to know my "roots") but I don't think that is what she means by a "designer" dog. Bottom line, I guess is I don't really know what I am.

But maybe that doesn't matter. That's at least what Quigley tells me. He says that we live in America and its not supposed to matter. We got as many doggie rights as the next dog. Sounds good to me, so I guess I'll go with that.

So like Nanna and Quig, I'm learning all about "houses" and stairs, and things like that. A bit scary, but kinda interesting too. That's why I keep peeking --- its so much fun to discover new things. Have to say, though, I'm not as fast as Nanna or Quig --- took me several hours to figure out the stair thingee. But that's ok, I'll bet I'm better at other things. Just gotta keep an eye out for those other things.

I have no problem with the other doggies or even the cats. And I do love the big yard that I can run and play in. Don't understand about housebreaking or doggie doors, but all in good time. That's my motto, ya can't build Rome in no day, as they say.

What do you think? Want a wee doggie that's a bit like a cat but fun like a dog? That could be me! Why not come and see.

NOTE: Adopters are required to travel to the foster care site to assure a good match is made between dog and new family. Prior to placement in a permanent home, all pets at KRCS are spayed/neutered, updated on all vaccinations, including rabies, heartworm tested and on preventative, on flea/tick preventative, and microchipped.

To adopt, please visit our home page at: Information on adopting is under the section titled "Adopting a New Family Member."

Peekaboo's Contact Info

Keeshond Rescue of the Central States, Urbana, IL

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