Saturday, January 22, 2011

Taylor Pet of the Week! (Needs to Be Adopted)

 For adoption details please visit:
Cross Winds Equine Rescue

"One Money Bar", aka Taylor, is a 9 year old registered AQHA mare whose former owner tied her to a tree and watched her starve.

*UPDATE 06/10: Taylor has just started RIDING!!! we are so excited for her. See her youtube video (same video as posted here) for her very first time with a rider in her saddle. "UPDATE 3/10: Taylor has come up to a healthy weight and is doing VERY well! We have nearly completed recovering her hooves from the damage due to the abuse and the nutritional deficiencies. She is a sweet, beautiful mare who deserves a loving home. She is working well in the roundpen and has been saddled several times, but not yet bridled or ridden.


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