Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pet Injury from Clothing

About a month ago, I bought my dog named Darcy a new dress because her other fashion clothes were either stretched out or ripped. I bought the dressed that is in the picture above. One day when we were feeding her, Darcy's tag that was stitched onto the clothing had somehow got caught to her rabies tag. She was having a hard time breathing and couldn't catch her breath. We had to immediately take her collar off and untangle the tag with the rabies tag. We also took her dress off so we could take that horrible tag off (tags similar to the ones we have to identify the brands/sizes on the back of our shirts and pants) of the clothing. My mom called the dress company called "SimplyShe" and they said they will take care of the problem immediately. They asked if we wanted to replace the dress with a different one, but we had already taken the tag off. Thankfully the company listened to my mother and we were home when Darcy had the breathing problems.

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