Thursday, August 27, 2009

Question and Answers #1

Question: Can your pet have chocolate?
Answer: No pet should have chocolate because it makes the pet's heart rate to increase, which can cause a heart attack or even death. It can cause the pet to have diarrhea.

Question:What is the best thing to put in your dogs toy ball?
Answer: Peanut Butter, dog treats, dog food, boneless chicken, or boneless turkey.

Question: Since cats can have have fish, can dogs have it as well?
Answer: Dogs can NOT have fish. Fish are potentially harmful and can cause choking. Bones of fish can actually poke through their esophagus, intestines, etc.

Question: How often should I bathe my dog?
Answer: Depending on the breed depends on how often. West Highland White Terriers should only be bathed once a month due to their allergies. I would answer that question by saying, Bathe your dog when he/she really needs it, such as when the dog is dirty, smells bad, or when they keep on digging when they already had their flea treatment.

Question: Why does my dog eat grass and then vomits?
Answer: Dogs eat grass when they have a stomachache. When they vomit, it take the bug(not a real bug) out and cures their stomachache.

Question: What is the biggest mistake people make when the dog runs away and comes back?
Answer: The biggest mistake that people make is yelling at the dog when they come home. If you do this, the dog thinks he/she is being punished for coming home, causing the dog not to want to come home. It is the same with correcting your dog, If the dog does its business on the floor, the average person would yell at the dog, even though they didn't see the dog in the act. In order to correct the dog, you must see the dog in the act, so it won't confuse the dog.

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